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School Start Time:
8:00 AM

Dismissal Time:
3:00 PM

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Scott  Wall 


After School Care

School Day Plus 3:30-5:30 Monday-Friday

Additional Notes

TARDINESS School attendance is essential for children. Tyler County School is continuing their efforts to ensure that students attend school. Students are required by state law to attend a full day of school unless excused for illness, medical appointment, military and/or legal obligations or a family emergency. Tardy shall mean arrival of a student anytime following the start of homeroom or first period in accordance with each school’s policy. If a student is going to be tardy, it is the parent/guardian’s responsibility to notify the school in writing of the reason for tardiness. The tardiness is considered unexcused unless the parent/guardian provides written documentation for one of the reasons listed above (illness, medical appointment, military and/or legal obligations or a family emergency). All instances of tardiness will be recorded, whether excused or unexcused, in the state database (WVEIS). This UNEXCUSED tardy policy is cumulative for one school year. The consequence ladder starts over at the beginning of each school year. School Start Time Arthur I. Boreman Elementary School 8:05 a.m. UNEXCUSED Tardy Consequence Grades PK-5 1ST AND 2ND TARDY: VERBAL REMINDER FROM PRINCIPAL TO PARENT/GUARDIAN 3RD TARDY: STUDENT ASSISTANCE TEAM MEETING *IF THE PARENT DOES NOT ATTEND THE SAT MEETING, MOVE TO NEXT CONSEQUENCE. TARDY AFTER SAT MEETING: PHONE CALL FROM PRINCIPAL TO PARENT TARDY AFTER PHONE CALL FROM PRINCIPAL: CERTIFIED LETTER FROM COUNTY ATTENDANCE DIRECTOR AND MAGISTRATE COMPLAINT TARDY FOLLOWING CERTIFIED LETTER: REFERRAL TO DEPARTMENT OF HUMAN SERVICES

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Additional Notes:

Attendance A written excuse is required to be submitted to the school immediately upon the students return.