Goals for the week:  Try to work on activities on the February  Fitness Calendar.  Look at Physical Education Schedule for Physical Education classesBe prepared for class with tennis shoes!  Students in grades K-2 work on tying shoes!  Dress warm, the weather is going to turn cold this week.  Students in Grades 3rd, 4th, & 5th grades work on ball handling, dribbling, and shooting skills. 

Physical Education Schedule for Monday & Thursday:  

5th Mrs. Myer

4th Mrs. Glover

2nd Mrs. Kehrer

3rd Mrs. Myer

1st  Mrs. Smith

K    Miss Hamilton

2nd Mrs. Knox


Physical Education Schedule for Tuesday & Friday

5th Mrs. Miller

4th Mrs. Yost

5th Miss Hess 

3rd Mrs. Wall

1st Mrs. Seckman

K     Mrs. LeMasters

2nd Miss Crowe

Students wear tennis shoes for class!